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Vote for your favourite entries below (one vote per entry). All entries will be judged according to the criteria on the information page, but the popular vote can influence the final decision.

Well done to the Top 5 winners who will receive their prizes at this years RAPDASA Conference. They are, in no particular order:

Ashley Dillon Toth
Jacobus Prinsloo
Mark Fruhafu
Maurice Conradie
Tjaart Labuscagne

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Title: HOU VAS.
Author: Buckley Thompson
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Description: HOU VAS is a convenient,versatile and elegantly designed 3D printed cellphone stand. The stand has primarily been designed for user ergonomics. By means of a simple rotation the device accommodates both 30 and 60 degree viewing angles. Your device can also easily be connected to a charging point while being held in the stand. Weather you have a cellphone, phablet or tablet device, HOU VAS has been parametrically designed to be scaled according to specific device size. HOU VAS not only makes the use of your device easier and more convenient but also better.