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Title: Giraffe reflex hammer-Medical
Author: Shanicus7
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Description: Giraffe Reflex hammer for children A stylized giraffe shaped reflex hammer. The design is intended for medical field, where children are stressed and scared. A reflex hammer is typically used to test reflexes of the deep tendons, to help test and find neurological and physical abnormalities. the idea is that the child will see a familiar object or animal that they can relate positively too, instead of the standard metal and plastic reflex hammers on the market. My design is different to other child augmented or classical hammers as it can stand on a desk or fit easily into a doctor’s pockets, with the head pocking out. Children can also play with it as it is lightweight with rounded edges, while the doctor is preforming other tasks. It is also cheaper to produce, and it can be used as a desk weight/ornament if not in use. The design stands 180mm tall by 60mm wide, the giraffe patterns on the sides reduce wait and material required and evokes a typical Mesh Mixer/3d printed design style. The head of the hammer is made from flexible PLA filament while the rest of the body is made from standard PLA. Different filament colours can also be used to create more realism or to make it more colourful.

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