RAPDASA has decided to host a separate COVID-19 design competition in parallel with the annual design competition. For more information on how to enter check out this document. The upload link to upload your STL files on the google drive can be found here.

Annual Design Competition 

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Title: SSD-School Sanitation Device
Author: Muhammed Hassen
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Description: Learners and teachers place their hands in front of a sensor and hand sanitiser is released. Affordable, quickly manufactured and above all safe. We are flattening the curve one SSD at a time What is the SSD (School Sanitation Device)? This is an IoT based 3D printable automatic School Sanitation Device for learners and teachers to use when they return to the Schooling environment. What does the SSD do? The SSD eliminates the use of touching the handles of taps, water faucets or coming in to close contact with teachers who are dispensing sanitizers to learners and other teachers. Why was the SSD created? With the current COVID-19 pandemic. South Africa and the world is experiencing learners are not being educated as teaching is put to a halt to flatten the curve. With the department of basic education announcing the phasing in of teaching there is a gap for cheap, affordable and recyclable sanitation equipment requiring low amounts of infrastructure. The SSD provides a safe sterilization tool for use by learners and teachers primarily by eliminating the spread of COVID-19 from the person giving sanitiser to the person receiving sanitiser. How long does it take to construct the SSD? Excluding physical installation in schools this device can be manufactured within 36 hours or 1 ½ (one and a half) days and assembled in 2 hours [N.B. This is the maximum amount of time needed but can be done quicker].

Don’t Forget to Email your model (.stp OR .stl) and supporting document to competition@rapdasa.org in a zipped file. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.