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Title: Salutaris Ventilator
Author: Mohammed Zaahid Imran
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Description: Category: Medical Name: Mohammed Zaahid Imran Institution: Hedge-SA Title: Salutaris Ventilator The BVM ventilator project was initiated after realizing that there would be an extreme shortage of mechanical ventilators during the COVID-19 pandemic on the 20th of march 2020. The ventilator is based on an already existing Bag Valve Mask platform that meets clinical requirements for a medical respiratory device. Automating the procedure of compression appeared to be the simplest strategy that satisfied the need for low - cost mechanical ventilation, with the ability to be rapidly manufactured at scale, deployed quickly and orders of magnitude cheaper than the conventional ventilator. The current prototype was designed to be easily produced using AM for low quantities. While designing the product I tried to make sure that there was as little support material as possible where necessary in order to reduce printing costs and time while maintaining the strength of the parts. While printing, a hexagon lattice structure was used to ensure that the parts are as strong as possible while at the same time being light. Simulations were run on the existing parts to ensure that failure of the parts would not occur. The ventilator is now on the last stage of the certification process before it may be produced and used in hospitals and ambulances. A second iteration of the final prototype was designed for injection molding as well for large volume production ensuring that the product is as light as possible but also strong. Flows of material in the injection molding process was considered ensuring the easiest method to produce the parts. More information is available on the following link: • https://aedg.mandela.ac.za/Projects/NVP-Ventilator-Project • https://www.heraldlive.co.za/news/2020-04-08-bay-team-develops-low-cost-automated-bag-mask-ventilator/

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