RAPDASA has decided to host a separate COVID-19 design competition in parallel with the annual design competition. For more information on how to enter check out this document. The upload link to upload your STL files on the google drive can be found here.

Annual Design Competition 

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Title: Face shield Clip
Author: Mohammed Zaahid Imran
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Description: Category: Medical Name: Mohammed Zaahid Imran Institution: Hedge-Sa Title: Covid-19 Face shield clip As the pandemic of the corona virus carried on, different design of face shields were being produced, however there was always one common irritation for people with glasses, the face shield always interfered with the glasses which caused a discomfort to the user. Therefore, we came up with a system of clips that attach to you glasses in three positions using two of the left clips above on either side of the face and one of the clips shown on the right. This gets rid of the face band and makes your glasses act as a face band that will hold onto the visor. The visor then just clips onto the round bobs of the clips and there you have a comfortable face shield that protects you.

Don’t Forget to Email your model (.stp OR .stl) and supporting document to competition@rapdasa.org in a zipped file. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.