In collaboration with AMV, from Munich, Germany, and Siemens SA we have the pleasure to invite
you to an AM Entrepreneurship Evening, where we will strengthen the national support ecosystem
for local entrepreneurs in additive manufacturing/ 3D printing.

We are linking established platforms, associations and organisations such as the Rapid Product
Development Association of South Africa (RAPDASA), the Collaborative Programme on Additive
Manufacturing (CPAM), the Industrial Development Corporation, with local and international
industry players, such as AMV and Siemens.

This is a personal invite, for a limited number of key people, and we would really appreciate your
presence. We see a role for your organisation in this new ecosystem, and you can help SA
entrepreneurs taking their rightful place in Industry 4.0.

Additive Manufacturing Ventures (AMV) is a venture capital financier focussing on new ventures and
supporting entrepreneurship in AM, across the globe. We are very privileged to have their
association with this event.