It’s that time of year again where we get our creative juices flowing for the annual RAPDASA Design Competition. The theme for our 2023 competition is as follows:

IOT solution in your Home

Design Competition Introduction 

With the use of an Arduino / ESP32 / Edu:bit or similar microcontroller boards, you are required to demonstrate, by scaled functional control systems, as many applications of the implementation of the IOT into an ordinary home. Additional parts can be included to your microcontroller, using the list of items indicated below. The programming and artificial intelligence, as well as the implementation of electromechanical hardware of the system can be as large as your imagination.

Send a 1 minute video (even a stitched together series of clips, based on reusing of components) demonstrating your Smart solution on Whatsapp +27 66 242 0134. On the decision of the committee, the top Smart solution participants will be able to attend the conference on the day to present their solutions and for the award ceremony (registration costs will be covered).


1st place – Creality CR-200B FDM 3D Printer

2nd place – Creality Harlot One Resin 3D Printer

3rd place – Arduino Starter Kit D4 Compatible UNO R3

How to Enter:

Open an account with Stelltron Electronics and fill in all the required fields. Important info is your full name, email and contact number.

Once you have opened an account, select this listing and proceed to checkout. This listing is free. Please use this coupon code for free shipping at checkout: RAPDASA1order@Submission to activate free shipping.

Once you have submitted an order, this will be your reference number when you submit your video to 066 242 0134. Eg. Video – #65785. This way we will have all your info upon initial submission.

If you do not submit by opening an account and using the correct references, your submission will be disregarded.

When/if you have been approved for costing submission, the same will apply when your documents is submitted to Eg – Documents #65785 (Subject line) with a PDF attachment of each document submitted.

For more details regarding the competition, please click here

Don’t Forget to Email your model (.stp OR .stl) and supporting document to in a zipped file. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.