In honor of Prof Dimmitri Dimitrov

Prof Dimitri Dimitrov, one of the founding members of RAPDASA and first Chairperson of the association, was a driving force behind the formation of an association to bring together industry, academia and like-minded people interested in the very new Rapid Product Development technology of the day.

This non-profit association would promote the use of 3D printing applications in industry and drive research in a field which still had to be established at universities. Throughout the years, Prof Dimitri played a huge role in encouraging students to participate in the RAPDASA conferences, which he did with passion until his death on 8 November 2018.

Terry Wohlers of Wohlers Associates, USA, initiated and generously donated start-up funding for the Dimitri Dimitrov Scholarship, in memory of the contribution that Prof Dimitri made to the RAPDASA community. The scholarship will assist postgraduate students who would be unable to present their papers at the annual RAPDASA conference due to lack of funding for travel and accommodation.

Terry Wohlers is also challenging the Additive Manufacturing sector to become involved and make donations to the scholarship to ensure sustainability and to grow the number of students attending future conferences. Please get involved by making a donation (big or small) using the Snapscan QR code.