RAPDASA will be hosting the 22nd annual conference in November 2021 at the CSIR campus in Pretoria. This year’s topic, Digital Manufacturing Industrialising Africa, aims to further the impact of 4IR technology in Africa. In anticipation for the conference, RAPDASA will be reporting industry and academic news in Additive Manufacturing (AM) to offer exposure and networking opportunities to existing members, and the wider industry in Southern Africa.

South Africa is leading the continent into the 4th industrial revolution, with additive manufacturing making 4IR more accessible than any industrialisation in Southern Africa of the past. RAPDASA is connecting the industry and creating a network of players that are collectively shaping the industrialisation of Africa. Pioneering new fields of research, practice and growth, RAPDASA connects national, continental and international industry leaders to push South Africa and Africa into defining Industry 4.0.

Innovation is at the core of 4IR. South Africa, and Africa as a whole, are uniquely placed to define the future of accessible and affordable developments in digital manufacturing, computing, AI and 3D printing. RAPDASA reports on these developments and publishes industry news to further the reach and applicability of new research, advancements and fields of practice.

Innovation is based in the growing digital and virtual spaces of AM and 4IR as a whole, and the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the industry to adapt and leap ahead in virtual capacities. RAPDASA furthers this growth with news updates and reporting to make developments more accessible than ever. Leading actors in industrialising Africa offer their expertise and experience in profiles and interviews, and help connect Industry 4.0 across the continent. By representing all facets of the AM industry and growing beyond this into new fields of industrialising Africa, RAPDASA news creates a community of entrepreneurs, academics, innovators, researchers and industry partners who collectively reflect the determined development of 4IR across fields and industries.

The reporting of industry news and advancements expands the reach of 4IR research and development and is an important aspect of digitalising and industrialising Africa. Industry players can be part of this communication network and build 4IR by sharing their advancements and innovation in the fields of digital manufacturing, industrialisation, robotics, AI, AM, pattern recognition and more.

The 4th industrial revolution is exploding across the continent and calls for continuous innovation and growth. Share your industry news with RAPDASA, and contribute to the community of industry actors that are leading Industry 4.0 in Africa.

To share your work with RAPDASA and have articles published about your contributions to 4IR in Africa, contact zebrahsocial@gmail.com.