Engineering simulation models are becoming ever closer to reality with SIMTEQ Engineering. SIMTEQ’s products are all about Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulation technology and using engineering knowledge while focusing on sustainable business profitability. Their aim is to use innovative solutions to increase certainty in the design, development, and manufacturing processes of simulation technology.

SIMTEQ Engineering, originally MSC-Africa, was founded by Cobus Oosthuizen and Gert Becker, who introduced MSC Nastran to the South African industry. SIMTEQ has extensive experience in the Finite Element Analysis, Multibody Dynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics applications. For 25 years, SIMTEQ has worked with many clients across various projects, industries, and research activities, increasing commercial profitability while enabling valuable insight into engineering applications of innovative technologies.

SIMTEQ works with a range of clients, from large enterprises and manufacturers to SMMEs, research institutions and universities. These clients use SIMTEQ’s offerings for complex engineering solutions and innovation, while sustainably increasing their profits and growing their intellectual property.

Using Simulation Technology, SIMTEQ provides customers the means to develop quality products faster and at lower costs. They do this by using these simulation technologies and analyses to reduce the costs of prototyping and trial-and-error manufacturing.

This enables engineers and manufacturers to maximise the value of their production time. Valuable insights about engineering challenges can be used to pursue the best solution for high quality, reliable products. The simulation tools they develop eliminate the costs of trial-and-error problem solving and engineering uncertainties. This can be done over a broad range of engineering applications.

Looking forward, SIMTEQ says that they aim for “Smart Manufacturing, Smarter futures”, by “combining different solvers from different disciplines to generate simulation models ever closer to reality”. Spearheading engineering science, SIMTEQ works to “move towards utilising real-world data in CAE models, in essence, Engineering Reality!”.